links we love [june w3]

favourite links of the week!

  1. le FASHION's guide to bangs - "17 Hairstyles with Bangs + The Best Bangs for Your Face Shape"
  2. babble's detox water collection - "10 Gorgeous Detox Waters and How They Help You Get Your Glow On"
  3. It's Judy's Life - "Delivering Identical Twins"
  4. Thought Catalog - "I Hope You Know That You're My Miracle" by Aditi Ghosh
  5. Explore Life Lah's Lazarus Island Guide - "Singapore's Best Kept Secret - Lazarus Island"
  1. This is a resourceful guide for those who are contemplating on whether or not to get some bangs. Really, it can turn out really well or it can be a disaster! So I definitely love the link for guiding me to get suitable bangs for my face shape + ideas to style my hair if I've bangs
  2. Okay okay, everybody knows drinking plain, mineral water is an essential, right? Well, this link allows you to have a fresh perspective on drinking water and check out the drool-worthy photos!
  3. Twins, they are an instant attention-grabber. I, for one, am hopeful to have twins. So does everybody! I just subscribed to ItsJudysLife on Youtube and gosh, she has the cutest children and the sweetest husband, SOLD. Her delivery videos caught my attention, especially that of her newly born twins. Check it out [nothing gory or graphic, chill]
  4. A very inspiring piece that I've shared on Facebook and tag my loved ones. A good mood-lifter/booster and also a very assuring piece. Touches my soul, I'm in love.
  5. Okay, evidently every Singaporean is sick and tired of the beaches that have disrupted view due to the fleets of cargo ships, overpopulated beaches, dirty waters and littered beaches. I've recently found out about the Lazarus Island from the local blogger so I'm pretty excited to check the place out! Probably a picnic there this Saturday sounds like a good idea, huh? :) 

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