blogshop of the week : The Clutter Bug Shop

Okay, seriously. This week's featured blogshop deserves this highlight & limelight. Their items are seriously shit affordable. I mean, SGD$4.90 on average?! You must be kidding me. We logged in to our Instagram account... Scrolled...Checked... And saw The Clutter Bug Shop following us. So we checked it out and... No regrets ya'll! If you have ever checked out Lovisa or Diva here in Singapore, you would find that you can find inspired pieces at this blogshop - at a fraction of the cost. So what's there to lose? Check out their top 5 pieces - our personal picks from The Clutter Bug Shop!

Ador Earrings

Stoke Collared Necklace
Raven Double-Chained Necklace
Tribal Collared Necklace

Geo Necklace

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