Barefaced Makeup

The barefaced look has been recently spotted at Jil Sander's 2013 Spring runway. Highly raved by numerous magazines and tutorials have sprung everywhere! Effortless, dewy and minimal - how I envy such beauty! But is it as effortless as it looks?
I am not saying that you require a lot of makeup to achieve such no-makeup look but rather, it is difficult to acquire this look. Personally, in my daily makeup routines, I strive to make skin look as naturally flawless as possible. This explains my disdain for cakey makeup. On the other hand, this also explains my never-ending pursuit for good primers or setting sprays, so as to avoid makeup looking too powdery.
I strongly believe that such a look does not depend solely on the power of makeup. Like any other successes, this requires a strong foundation - clear skin. My personal definition of clear skin is
blemish-free, supple and smooth (naturally dewy skin would be a bonus!)Yup. That's some high expectation for a good skin. Notice I do not emphasise on skin whitening because I strongly believe that one's skin colour should not be a determinant as to whether she/he has good skin. I am not being biased just because I happen to be a woman of colour, but I see it as being part of one's identity, not of one's beauty.
SO in pursuit of acquiring such a radiant look that seems to be makeup-free, we have to start with clear skin. Here are some general routines I do to achieve clear skin.
  • Remove make-up with a makeup remover AND cleanse my face with a facial cleanser
  • Moisturise before sleep using an intense moisturiser & moisturise before makeup application using a lightweight moisturiser
  • Scrub skin once every 3 days using a facial scrub solution and a face buffer
  • Use a face mask once a week

So what's next after having a clear skin? The key to getting this look is to have that sheer and translucent makeup finish.
  • In achieving this, one needs a good prepping i.e. a good primer comes to play. 
  • After which, apply foundation lightly - best to use a stippling brush because it avoids foundation from building up excessively. 
  • Avoid thick concealers and opt for lightweight concealers instead. 
  • Powder only at your T-zone to let other areas shine for that dewy look. 
  • Setting sprays help tremendously in creating a flawless look. It prevents face from looking too powdery as well as help to create a slight dew to the skin.  (However, choose MATTIFYING setting sprays if you have oily skin because normal setting sprays have a tendency to create shine.)
Adapt and customise it to your own needs. Everybody has skin with different tones, types etc. So if you find yourself looking too pale/washed out, brush over some matte bronzing powder. If you look too plain, define a key feature. For example, I pay more attention to my lashes by coating more mascara or highlight the bridge of my nose & cheekbones. Play around with your unique features and you'll be pleased at what you came up with yourself!

P.S If you are keen to know what products can be used to achieve this look and where to get your hands on these products, drop a comment below. Details, directions, price and "where-to-get" the products will be covered! I will be glad to help :) 

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