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It is the time of the month~ Well, besides the one that is a punch to our womb, it's post-10th of the month where Bella Box dispatches it's treasure-in-a-box treats! This month got me really excited with the much coveted Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment. Seriously, SGD$33 for a tube of lip balm is a tad too overprices for me but I've always wondered how the colour payoff would be and how moisturising it actually is. Additionally, I've added to my collection of Benefit's They're Real Mascaras along with 3 other miniatures of the same kind (talk about hoarding, lol). Read on to discover what's in the Bella Box and how Mira is ballin'

Apothederm Firming Serum 
 Apothederm's Firming Serum does not sound like something a teenager like me needs, right? Wrong. Because of braces (and constant frowning) I developed smile lines. Because of crazy use of mascaras and eye products I have lines under my eyes. Not to mention I've sensitive eyes, too. So, I take it as I have wrinkly areas. And it sucks. So this would sound like something that would work... I've yet to try it and it states that most see results in 14 days so, I shall try. If you don't hear from me about this = it sucks. It's darn pricey too, not to mention. SGD$95 for 1 oz, talk about crazy!
 Okay, this is REVOLUTIONARY. I swear. As light as a toner can be, that's how this BB feels from Laneige. A puff is provided, a very Korean puff since I get the same thing from Etude house all the time. It's as soft and smooth as tofu can be so it does a really great job in evening out the harsh lines when you have your foundation on.

It was stated that this BB serves 6 purposes.

  1. Brightening effect
  2. UV Protection of 50+, PA+++
  3. Moisturising effect
  4. Natural & clean coverage
  5. Soothing effect
  6. Water resistant 

The fact that the BB Cushion technology has you dabbing the product out from a spongey-like cushion helps in picking up the right amount of product, just nice. Not too much nor is it too little. The watery consistency of the product is lovely because it makes blending such an easy task. Additionally, such consistency does not jeopardise the pigmentation of the product. Wonderful. Best of all, I feel like an amazing black Korean, just as how Marie is a black Japanese in ANTM. The dewy look that Koreans are famous for comes to life with this product, no kidding! However, despite all the goodness in this product, one major major letdown is this... *scroll to next picture*
 HORROR!!! I was given a colour wayyyy too light for my skin. So it provided that white washed look, typical of super concentrated sunblocks and having a purplish tint after oxidising. I visited Laneige's website to find out that this shade is the 2nd lightest. Seriously Bella Box? So much for asking for my skin tone in beauty profile. Argh. I got quite frustrated because this means I've to beg for a sample from Laneige, risking being assumed for getting free samples. But anyways, I have to get a sample because the colour Brown Beige & Coffee are quite close and I'm not sure which fits me. Plus I don't want to spend SGD$59 and realise it's not my shade. Otherwise, this stuff is the sexxx.
 I've never heard of this brand before and it pleased me to know that it is a vegetable soap made of natural ingredients (Akeela would love this)

  • Australian Essential oils - Blue Mallee Eucaplyptus
  • Niaouli
  • Rosemary
  • Lemon myrtile
  I guess Lemon Myrtile is = lemongrass because it smells really close to the latter, I'm sure. There is no difference to the skin after washing it with this soap. Nothing drastic. However... I shall try this on my legs for regular washes because that is the area that is always prone to drying, itching and everything else (most possibly due to shaving). For now, I am using Cetaphil's Soap Bar or Oilatum's Soap Bar. Again, if you don't hear from me about this soap, it probably sucks. 

Just a bonus from BB - an on-the-go makeup remover wipes

 Okay, including the full-sized one, this would be my 5th tube of They're Real Mascara from Benefit. Ha ha ha. Makeup Hoarder alert ! ! ! Anyways, nothing much to say about this because it is one of the best mascaras out there. It does a good job in separating lashes so it prevents that ugly clumpy look and helps to curl your lashes pretty well. Was expecting Benefit's new eyeliner though, instead of this :(

 My first, ever, lip&cheek tint/balm. Ever. I never actually fancied these cream products (besides foundations) because they are more often than not sheer. I am not Snow White so sheer, dainty make-up will not look good on me. Sigh (pie). So I tried it on my cheeks, the colour is a tad too bright, it looked like I was having rashes. However, it looks slightly better on my lips. Still, not my taste.
 FAAAAVOURRRRITEEEE. Seriously. I had no idea why I never made a move to purchase this pricey lip balm. It's so bloody moisturising! The tint is also quite pretty but since I got the colour Rosè, I wouldn't expect much colour payoff. Besides, it's a lip tint. LOVE!
 I was squealing when I saw this card in the Bella Box. I thought BB would have had one of this inside. But nooooooo. How disappointed was I?!
However, there was an in-store surpriseeeeee. I can bring this card to redeem for the mini-sized eyeliner at Benefit outlets so YAY ME!

What did YOU receive in your BB?

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