guide to packing light for your beauty regiment whilst on a vacation

So, it's the typical time of the year where everybody is heading for a vacation. A well-deserved midyear break. Everybody, except for me. Although I am a considerably light-packet for a lady, I tend to sigh, complain & rant that I've so many things to bring. Toiletries include skincare & haircare. Make-up. Hair styling tools. Accessories. Clothes (with additional bra, hello guys?). It's a bloody hassle. But nobody is complaining if you're headed to dream destinations, right? So I've listed a few essentials to chuck in your toiletries bag, version 1.0 [skincare] Additional products will be required respective to the climate of your holiday destination i.e. Vaseline for colder climates & Evian Spray for more humid ones. These are your essentials, though. Always, always pack as little as possible because you will end up chancing upon cool beauty brands overseas, anyways. 

Let's go through it chronologically, okay? Since every Singaporean is obsessed with orderliness. 

Upon touching down, one checks-in. Explores. Time to hit the sacks & remove all make-up (if any). If not, time to actually hydrate and soothe the tired skin from the flight or the sudden climate change. So the first thing to do is to actually remove your make-up~ (Nag: always, always remove make-up before bed no matter how tired. You've no idea how bad shit gets when you don't)
  • Cleanse your face with a facial cleanser/wash/foam (refer: Clinique's Liquid Facial Soap Mild); with fingers or with the help of a tool (think: Clarisonic Mia 2)

  • Then, I will use a cotton pad and pour a little of Bioré's Makeup Remover for Eye & Lips. Otherwise, I will usually use Nivea's Makeup Wipes or the newly launched Bioré Cotton Sheets (note: my favourite, ever. I'll post about it soon enough. Not in picture because I was lazy to walk to the bathroom to take it. ) I use to do this step BEFORE step 1 until I watched a particular Youtube video by a Youtube Guru who did it otherwise. Makes sense so that you don't waste your make-up wipes #1. Also ensures that when you wipe AFTER you wash, it removes excess make-up residues that you missed whilst washing your face #2. Usually, this step of using a make-up wipe is to help me remove my crazy layers of mascara that I cannot live without. Double-up as a guaranteed removal of makeup on skin. ;)
Bioré Makeup Remover for Eye & Lip
  • Moisturize/tone your skin. For travel's sake, I always bring along Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion which is only 15ml, the size of my thumb. Yeap, cutey in the house. I don't use this for any particular reason, just because it is handy. Nothing fascinating about this. Nothing terrible either. Nothing...dramatic. Heh
    Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion
  • Depending on my level of bothered-ness to actually wear my favourite tinted eye cream, Clinique's Even Better Eyes usually does the job. It hydrates well, prevents dry & wrinkly under eye bags, and if used religiously over a period of weeks will actually prevent panda eyes.  However, if I am supposedly shagged as hell from a day of tour or sports, I'd just plaster on the ReplenisH- Age Defying Patch from Physio Radiance Paris. This stuff, is the mother of all eye masks. Serious. (Why have I not blogged about it yet, huh?) They come in separate foil packagings per pair of eye masks. Best thing about it : dry patch. It is not one of those wet eye masks that end up itching or stinging my sensitive skin. The. Bomb.
    Clinique Even Better Eyes 

    Physio Radiance ReplenisH- Age Defying Patch
  • I don't do this every other night when I'm on a vacation but for those days that you turn in early or are going to be potato-couching browsing foreign channels, I would have a mask on.  I'm never picky with masks because I don't see much difference between SaSa's/Watson's in-house brand masks versus branded ones. So...just get them for SGD$2 and you'd be just fine. It really helps to keep skin supple and replenish all the nutrients or whatever that was sucked out of your skin due to aforementioned circumstances (climate difference, long flights)
  • Finally, a really mild (and preferably non-soap based) facial wash is essential to rinse your already-clean-the-night-before face in the mornings. I always love Cetaphil for doing this job really well. Even as a permanent facial wash it does wonders but I feel like I need a stronger facial wash to wash off my make-up since I can be quite heavy handed when it comes to cosmetic application. However, for times when I don't really need much cleansing, I choose Cetaphil (Have I mentioned I swear by Cetaphil? I use their soap bar and daily moisturiser as well!)
So there you go, my handy collection of skincare supplies when I am travelling. I shall strive to blog about my beauty supplies every other time I travel or for a mere staycation. 

What is a must-have for YOU when you travel? I need to knowww

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