celebrities as trendsetters?

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Okay, I was honestly intrigued to read that drawstring pants are the in thing now. YAY! Honestly though, they are the most comfortable kind of trousers anybody can have their butts in. It also comes off as "not-too-formal" or "not-too-sloppy-for-casual-wear" if you get what I mean. But for the many years that I've been donning drawstring pants be it for a trip to Orchard or for a meal at the neighbourhood mall, I did not receive a "seal of approval" from anybody for wearing drawstring pants. It was not the in-thing to do as well. So I was wondering if our fashion trends was and still is dictated by celebrities?
Now, before eggs and empty popcorn boxes are thrown at me for lamenting, I would like to delineate the basis of this opinion : celebrities should not determine the current trends, but they can always be inspirations for one's personal fashion sense. 

Why is it that when no celebrities wear drawstrings, we can't? Why is it that big, loose and plain white boyfriend's shirts were nothings in the eyes of the masses until a celebrity does it and looks spanking hot in them?


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